When you partner with Jesus Christ you partner with the Holy Spirit and God the Father. You are entrusted with the power and authority to walk out the Gospel, you have all of heaven backing you. Grab hold of your identity as a son or daughter of the King and step into your destiny.

The Kingdom of God is Love. You are the bride, you are the church. Prepare yourself.

Mission Statement

To love, serve, edify and train up for the purpose of building up the body of Christ and our spheres of influence. To no longer be merely consumers but rather a body of action. (Not just hearers but doers.) Doing all things for the Glory of God.

'Christianese Version'

To love, serve and inspire the communities we live in. To be a people of action. Doing all things for the reputation of the King.

'Plain English Version'

About John Himmelberger

John Himmelberger has traveled nationally sharing the Gospel of Grace. Carrying truth that breaks off the spirit of "identity crisis". Many people will testify of being transferred from the kingdom of death to the Kingdom of Abundant Life as a result. The simple truth is that circumstances don't have to dictate our Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Meekness or our self-control. We can live an abundant life, period.

Along with this ministry he is actively taking steps to partner with people and organisations in local communities to love and serve people in relevant ways.

John lives with the core value that quality relationships are saturated with Grace. Not only is he willing to celebrate your victories but he is willing to stand with you in your trials.

Contact him by email: johnh@deepriverwa.org


About Amy Himmelberger

Amy Himmelberger has traveled in Washington State sharing the Joy of His presence. She carries a worship anointing that ushers people into the throne room of God, abandon to the day's circumstances. She has a heart to go deeper and deeper into the Father's heart, and to create an atmosphere for others to go there also. Her worship is often mixed with prophetic words and songs released from heaven for the moment.

Amy has spent the last 14 years on the mission field of mothering. She has raised 5 children, with another one on the way. She loves her blessed place of being mom and wife to some amazing and crazy kids and husband! She has a great desire to see them flourish and loves seeing them just BE the amazing creations they are, designed by God!

God has been working in Amy greatly over the years and she loves to shine His glory. She is currently working on new songs and a CD project. Amy has available dates to lead worship for events.

Contact her by email: amyh@deepriverwa.org